Template Description

Welcome to the template description:

This will be the template description for my Game Autopsy Series in the Game Design category.  The goal of this series is to analyse games and learn what they did right and what they did wrong.  Also to look at their mistakes and think of ways to fix them.

  • Overview – A bit about the company and the game
  • The Hook – What compelled me to buy, try out this game as well as how I found out about it
  • Game Mechanics – This section will vary for different game types but it will essentially be a high level overview of what the game is made of.  You can think of it as a bit of a wikia summary
  • Summary – In case you are not interested in reading the long Game Mechanics section, you can skip to the summary where I summarize the main point of the game
  • Likes and Praises – An analysis of what I liked about the game and what it does well
  • Dislikes and Criticism – The mean part where I talk about what I disliked and what I would change
  • Closing Remarks – Some last items to state to summarize what I learned from this game’s design

Hope you like my structure, it’s a  bit like a Game Review but it works.

This will be the template description for the Game Construction Series in the Computer Graphics category.  The goal of this series is to look at video games in the industry and somewhat reverse engineer them.  Rather then  doing the whole game, I will pick a gameplay video, or a part of the gameplay that intrigues me and try to see how I would go about coding and executing it.

  • Overview – Some information on the game and company that I will be constructing
  • Goal – This is where I play a video or discuss the gameplay element that I will try to reverse engineer
  • Breakdown – I take the goal and break it down into bits and pieces
  • Closing Remarks – I address how I would implement this system in one of my own games
There is not really much of a template to be built for this one, rather each construction post would have a personalised template.
This will be the template description for the Game Opinion Series.  The goal of this series is to look at the industry and analyse what is going on and how as game developers we can learn from the mistakes others have made and something more or less along those lines.
  • Overview – Overview of the topic I will be discussing
  • Rant – A few paragraphs on what the topic is
  • Summary – Analysis on the rant
  • Closing Remarks

– Moose