Recap of Summer and Third Year


My penultimate year of my undergrad has now officially begun.  I had big plans for the summer and it didn’t really go exactly as planned.  I ended up shooting out a whole bunch of goals I wanted to reach for the longest time and didn’t exactly create a way to reach many of them.  I guess my main goal was to actually write them all down so I could see what I wanted to accomplish.

I ended up doing a lot more reading and game design work since it was a lot more interesting at that time.   Programming wasn’t really one of my main goals, I would much rather script in Unity.  Its so much easier.  Also I am super lazy and Unity was the faster and more immediately rewarding choice for me at that time.

Summer 2012 – Recap

The biggest accomplishment that I can show on this post of my summer is a design blog post (Long one) about my experience of the Mass Effect  trilogy.  The post is broken down into 3 main parts: Story, Gameplay and Review.  I don’t go into detail about the gameplay, because I felt that there was not much to say about it that has not already been said.  The gameplay is without a doubt very fun throughout the franchise and only gets better through each game.

The story however is deep and engaging.  It is also a clear controversy with the obvious fan backlash and media attention that caused.  I find that as a good thing in many ways, games are slowly evolving as a art medium that is not only appreciated and analysed by a small population anymore.  The backlash shows that people are expecting developers to create true forms of art instead of slapping something on last minute to appease the publisher.

Third Year

Finally our group situation has been sorted out and I am very happy to say that I was able to be placed in the group that I desired.  Kevin, the always productive member of our team.  Branden, the lazy but great programmer.  Now I have the privilege to work with Branan and David.  Branan is a very hardworking and experienced 3D modeler (something our team really needed) and David is another Jack of all trades like myself and Kevin.

We already have a game that all of us seem ready to start making.  We have decided on a pirate themed RPG.  With ship combat, devil may cry style action combat and a lush and interesting world filled with characters.  Also polish, lots of polish.  We are not going to have another blocky game with bad collision and trees that can be walked through.

Overall I am super excited for this year and I can’t wait to stop writing this and finish my character design!