Week 4 Objectives + Global Game Jam


Looking back on my Week 3 Objectives, I realize that I really didn’t do anything.  It is a bit sad considering we .  BUT!  I spent the weekend at the Global Game Jam and my team and I made a disco zombie game.

Prior Objectives

  • Start CG programming and tutorials to finish homework questions
  • Learn how to do cel-shading/toon shading
  • Figure out how to properly do mesh skinning
  • See if I can export the weighting of the joint structure from maya to our game engine
  • Work on inverse kinematics to reduce foot skating

Aside from reading the first chapter in the CG tutorial book I have not really found the time to do the other objectives.  However tonight I plan on working through the second chapter of that book so that I can begin cutting away at a few homework questions.

Week 4: Objectives

Our modelling professor (Derek F.) said “Whatever you think you can do, take that time and multiply it by three and that is how long it will take you.”  Clearly I overestimated what I could do in one week, but nonetheless I have a set few goals for the next three weeks.

As of now my priority is learning shaders.  The mesh skinning, IK and toon shading will soon follow.

Global Game Jam

My GDW team and two other guys (Mike A. and David Y.) created the game Zombie Fever!  I learned a lot, more about scope and how fast I can create pixel art.  We decided to use GameMaker for our basic game engine and Branden and Kevin took the reigns on that while David, Tyler and I created lots of pixel art.  Mike A. tried converting himself from pictures to pixel art and the other Mike found awesome disco music to use while he post processed them in Soundbooth.

Timmy The Zombie

This is the zombie I made, he is supposed to be moonwalking in the game.

The game started out from us looking at this years theme, the ouroboros, we started talking about infinite loops and the circle of life.  My idea was we create a game about zombies that follows the concept: Human turns into zombie, Zombie eats human, zombie turns back into human.  Then we got thinking more and we wanted a bright colour palette and somehow disco dance dance revolution made it into our game.  By the end our concept was one main character (the pixelated version of Mike) turned into a zombie and dances his way back to humanity.

HERE is the final build of the game if you choose to play it.
HERE is just the .exe.

Till next week
– Moose