The original game of Tic-Tac-Toe is easily solvable game based on pure skill.  Chess is a solvable game as well, but the numbers of moves that can be played are so large that we cannot easily comprehend every situation.  My task is to add luck into this game and make it more playable for adults.  Adults like complexity, but I personally don’t find chess very riveting and fun to play. TO MUCH THINKING!  Adults like some complexity and depth, as well as drinking.  I have already seen someone go along the ‘drinking game’ route, so I might as well go with the strategy route.  Playing an intense game of chess at a party doesn’t seem like it will happen in anywhere but the Sims.

Thinking Out Loud

So, what is a fun type of game that includes strategy that adults would like? RPG’s.  The original Tic-Tac-Toe is a 2 player game, Tic-Tac-RPG or TTRPG  should be a group party game.  The original game of TTT is essentially a basic territory acquisition game, once someone acquires a bit of territory in a line they win the game.  Bingo has similar mechanics but it is enjoyed by older people.  In order to make this game fun for younger adults we need to add some social and team elements in there.

One team will be the X’s and the other the O’s.  Rather then rolling boring dice to decide on which team gets the right territory, players will use trivia cards.  These trivia cards will contain positions of X’s and O’s that can be attained by answering a trivia question or performing some action.

Gameplay Changes

TTRPG Trivia Cards

This would be one type of trivia card, where the back would be the space where the X or the O would go

As soon as one team member performs the above action they would be able to place their avatar on that spot.  For example, if one of the items was Planking, each team would tell one team member to start planking, if they manage to beat the other person then they can place their marker on that spot, if they lose then the other team places their marker on that spot.  This idea of risk vs reward along with the randomness of the trivia cards would be the twist this old game would need to play this game.

The trivia and physical challenges can be any number of things.  For the History Trivia the other team would select one person to pick a question, if they manage to get the question right they get the spot, if they get it wrong the other team can get one member to try and save them to earn the spot.  If neither can get the question then the spot remains neutral.  This would add a spice to the game, players can try to mess up the other team but if they pick something too hard then they end up messing up their team as well.

Also, it would be helpful to add a few new mechanics to the territory acquisition. During a mock play test I found out the game can finish in 3-5 turns which is a bit fast for a party game.  There should be rules for contesting spots and fully capturing them.

TTRPG Territory

This is an example of ways people can contest and capture territories to make the game longer.  Each team can place their markers on each square up to 3 times, whoever reaches 3 markers first gains the spot permanently.  If both teams have an equal number of  markers on the spot, then it becomes neutral.  If one player has more spaces then the other, then they maintain control of the spot.  The first player to get a line wins.

Why It Will Work

The idea for making it team based with trivia will entice older people (18+) to try this game.  Strategy is involved in the trivia and deciding where you want to place your marker and teamwork is a huge part of the game.

I didn’t get a chance to test the game on a large crowd, but from what I saw the original TTT tactics were not in effect.  People tried to use them but the new contesting rule for the territories made them sway from that tactic and gave the other team several chances to fight back

TTT Original Tree


  • Make the game acceptable to adults
  • Team based gameplay
  • Trivia cards
  • Contest squares and let opponent fight back

Thank you for reading

– Moose