Technology: New Controller Design


I have recently come across an interesting article that showcases this new input device (controller) with another red ‘tactor’ in the middle of each joystick that can vibrate and move independently of the controller.

A new direction for game controllers: Prototypes tug at thumb tips to enhance video gaming

The cool thing about the controller is that it brings a new level of interaction for console games.  Normally the only indication a user can get from the controller is a small vibration.  This is normally used to emulate car crashes and explosions.  This new vibrating tactor allows for more ways of physical interaction with the player.

  • First you can see the user moving both the white pad and the red tactor like a normal joystick
  • You can also see the internal tactor moving independently giving an interesting user response
  • They begin showing examples of in-game applications where the tactor is useful

When moving in prone we we the tactor begin to swivel and move similar to the way we snake crawl when moving in prone.

When bouncing we see the tactor jump up and down.

I just thought that this was fairly interesting and worth sharing.