INFR 2330: Game Design

The following are a collection of all the posts related to Game Design

For a description on the template of my blog posts: Template Description

Main Posts

Week 1: Game Autopsy: Dragons of Atlantis
Week 2: Midnight Munchkin Madness
Week 3: Game Autopsy: Realm of the Mad God
Week 4: Game Opinion: The Shelf Life of Video Games
Week 5: Board Game Adaptation: Qix
Week 6: War! Needs More Skill
Week 6: Tic-Tac-RPG?
Week 6: The Labyrinth: Remixed
Week 7: Game Opinion: Art Games & Games That Make You Think
Week 8: Game Opinion: Japanese Culture and Western Game Design also RPG’s
Week 9: Game Opinion: User Experience RPG Cultivation
Week 10: Game Idea: Unnamed RPG
Week 11: Galvados: The Pillar of the Roman Empire
Week 11: Common to Extraordinary
Week 12: Game Opinion: Game Stories
Week 13: Game Opinion: DLC
Week 14: Level Up: Aftermath (NEW)

Side Posts

Technology: New Controller Design
Game Construction: Assassin’s Creed

Game Construction: Minecraft
Game Construction: Terraria and 2D Level Generation

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