UOIT Year 2

This was the first time I had seriously blogged.  I had a small blogger page for an art class back in grade 12, however it was mostly artsy stuff.

This year I maintained graphics and game design posts.  If I were to pick my best from each section they would be:

If I were to pick my best game design post it would most likely be: Game Opinion: Japanese Culture and Western Game Design.  As a huge fan of the RPG genre, I was mulling over a game idea at that time which I also wrote a post on.  I would say that this was my best game design post during my second year because I have always been very passionate about Japanese culture.  I feel like they had great games back in the day, but lately the Western RPG’s genre contains much better games.  In that post I try to figure out why the JRPG and WRPG are different and why WRPG are doing so well.

For graphics, picking my best post is difficult.  I had a lot more fun writing about graphics because I ended up researching and learning a lot more then I had thought.  A great example of this was: Game Construction: Terraria and 2D Level Generation.  I was interested in how Minecraft random generated worlds using voxels were created, then I found an awesome blog that highlighted random terrain generation using noise.  I learned how noise was made and how to create terrain using a simple noise function.  It also made me want to try to learn LUA.  If I had to pick a runner-up it would be: Shaders 103- Lighting.  I had the most fun in Cg learning how to do lighting.  I don’t know why, but I just really liked playing around with it.  I think I spent over 2 weeks trying to find the best lighting in my tech demo, if only I was able to fully incorporate that in my second year GDW game :(.

If I had to pick the best overall post, it would be: Game Construction: Assassin’s Creed.  I felt this was a cool post where I used concepts from game design and tried to de-construct it using the knowledge I gained from Computer Animation (one of my favourite courses).  Also it was one of my first posts where I had a lot of time to work on it, because my other workload was light at that time.


Best Game Design: Game Opinion: Japanese Culture and Western Game Design
Best Graphics:  Game Construction: Terraria and 2D Level Generation
Best Overall:  Game Construction: Assassin’s Creed

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