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Everyone calls me Moose, short for Moosajee.  I am a game developer with my main skills being in design and production. However, I have a very strong foundation in programming. I like gameplay programming and scripting with some shader programming on the side. Some programming languages I am familiar with are C++, C#, Cg and Javascript. I have spent a considerable amount of time working with Unity and UDK for some side projects.

I had the opportunity to spend two months working in Montreal for a Game Design Internship at the Ubisoft Montreal Academia Summer school. It was one of the best experiences I have ever had and cemented my aspiration to land a full time position developing AAA games.

I completed my MSc at UOIT focusing on game user research and human-computer interaction. I really enjoy understanding more about the player experience and working with snazzy biometrics. Something about wiring people up to sensors and watching them play games makes me feel like a weird (MAD) game scientist!

Aside from that I love travelling and going on adventures both locally and internationally! I had the opportunity to take part in a global exchange spending 10 weeks in Hong Kong in 2013. I took part in a course at CUHK while also working at a small startup company DNET Solution’s.

Jeffrey The T-Rex

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