Last Week at Science Park

At long last the internship is almost over.  This last week is going to be jam packed with last minute work and things to do.  For one I need to get the website live and uploaded onto the current DNet Solutions website.  It should not be very difficult to do that, the only thing I haven’t had time to test is the speed at which each web page loads.

For the current website, everything loads really slowly, but for this website, I took out a lot of unneeded photos and clunky boxes in favour for a more minimalist approach.  I’ll post another blog in the middle of the week talking more about the website, kind of like a post mortem.  For now here is a picture of the home page:

DNet Homepage Alpha
DNet Homepage Alpha


This is what the old Homepage used to look like:

Old DNet HomePage
Old DNet HomePage

I am still in the process of changing the header image because I would like to replace that with a slideshow. However I am still waiting on some pictures.

Overall this internship has been very rewarding.  I got to wear a lot of different hats during my time working here and it was my first time both working abroad and in a very small company.  I like how relaxed and homey it feels to work in a small company and most of the people here have known each other for many years.  I used to work in a much larger company where it was a lot more professional but it also felt very fake and it was not the right fit for me.  Working at DNet, I sit 3 seats away from one of the CEO’s and I can approach him whenever I want and we can strike up a conversation about many different things.  Working at SNCL I needed to walk half a floor away, knock on a door and choose my words carefully when I spoke to my boss who was always busy and the air in the room always felt very tense.

At DNet I feel like I can work at my own pace and I have a lot more control and freedom to do my work.  I am very glad that I had the opportunity to take part in an 8 week internship abroad and I would like to come back to Hong Kong in the future to do business.

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