Off to Boracay!

Everything Hurts!

Last week was a pretty short week where I spent most of my time working on the website.  I’ll post some screenshots this week so you can see exactly what I have been up to.  I have been using Adobe Muse to create the website through a recommendation of one of the Global edge students which was a breath of relief since it allowed me to make the website a lot faster then what I was doing before.  Adobe Muse allows you to simply and efficiently create a website without having to worry about creating the CSS sheets and doing any coding.  The real power comes from the ability to visually see your website and test in under 30 seconds.  Its a really great piece of software and I highly recommend it to anyone trying to build a website that wants to get it running in under a week.

Muse also has a great bunch of modules for creating a parallax scrolling version of your website and they have support for creating mobile and tablet versions of the website as well.  I wanted to created a parallax version of the website I was doing for DNET Solution, but I don’t think that is what my boss wants.  He spoke of creating a very simple and sleek version that someone can navigate through very easily.  It is proving to be a bit of a design problem more then anything.  Minimalism is a great design practice but its also very hard to do.  Often times I will stare at the same screen for about an hour while moving something 4 times to see what works better for a user to enter and where I want the focus points to be.

It helps that we do a bit of graphic design in our program otherwise I would have no idea as to what I am doing.

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