End of June Update



It seems like I am spending more time with organic lifeforms then the cybernetic ones lately.  I haven’t found a good chance to sit down and play around with Unity/Maya.  I find myself getting distracted and meeting with friends and time eludes me.


However I have made it back at some random hours in the night and instead of passing out I write a random blog post about something I found interesting.


In terms of what I accomplished this month… I got a good amount of gaming done.  I beat Mass Effect 2 again to prepare for ME3 playthrough and I recently re-acquired Resident Evil 5 and I’ve been having loads of fun re-living the fun late night co-op missions me and my old high school friends made.  I ended up skipping on the gym today so I would find time to write this blog, and its already almost 9pm :O.  Time flies when you are having fun :D.


The plan for tonight is to polish up two blog posts, set up Unity and go back to some Javascript tutorials.  Lets see how July works.  Hopefully I’ll get more time to do Game Dev and less time for People Dev.


Also ESPAINA~~~~~~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Suck it Italy.

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