Unity Adventures 101: Untitled Unity Game



I won’t lie, the last month and weeks went by so quickly.  I had hoped to have some heavy leeway into Javascript and have begun some Unity tutorials by now.  I blame Skyrim and my friends.

The plan is by the weekend of June 22, I will have done enough of Unity and Javascript to have some base work for this game.  The next step is Maya modelling stuff.  Then if this project takes too long and drags on to August, I will place it on hold.  Since I need to become familiar with Ogre 3D.

Also I “downloaded” Rosetta Stone and I am learning French properly.  When I see some Frenchmen in MIGS I will be able to network with them in the suave French language.

The reason why this process is taking longer is because I don’t want to half-ass this project since it’s personal, and I want to learn EVERYTHING.  Learning takes time, mistakes and alcohol.

The Game

THE GAME, many of you will know that I am horrible at making names for things.  My first year character’s name was Hunter Hendricks/Hendrixs/Hendriks.  My inspiration for making this game came from a couple of places.  I want to make a game that revolves around meaningful user input.  Apart from Skyrim, I managed to finally beat Dead Island (DI).  When you slice or shoot zombies in DI, you pick where you attack with serious thought because of the stamina bar.  Also, its pretty awesome to see a slow-mo zombie arm slice off.  I liked the body decaling they had on each zombie.  If I sliced a foot, flesh tore of that area.  The other area of inspiration I had was from the Metal Gear Solid: Rising trailer, where Raiden was cutting that watermelon.  I decided to make a game where you could have the awesome combat of Dead Island, with the out of combat and interactive slicing of that MGS:R trailer.

The setting and other game elements haven’t been completely finalized, because I haven’t decided on a good enough theme and setting that I would like to place this game in.  Even if the mechanics and dynamics are fun, the aesthetics is really what completes a game.  Angry birds is essentially projectile motion, but because of their theme, it’s become an incredible success.  Among other things.

The current base idea for this game is to play in the first person wielding a sharp weapon.  For now it will be a PC only title, but the end goal is to put it on the iOS and Android.  The player uses one button to slice and the other to block.

I was thinking about having base quick slice attacks, where the player unleashes a short flurry of blows to the enemy that damages them.  If the player holds down and drags the mouse in a slicing pattern, then they unleash a more powerful attack that can cut of body parts.  The last attack will be a slow motion slice combo where the player draws a slicing pattern on the screen and the character will slice in that pattern.  All these skills can be upgraded for a better outcome.

The slo mo slice can only perform 1 slice during the first level, but at max it breaks down the pattern into many more small lines.  For example, if I draw a triangle pattern at level 1, the algorithm will only sample 2 points in that  pattern and create 1 slice.  At level 3, it would break it down into 3 line segments and use those for slicing apart the enemy.

So that’s the base idea I have so far.  I will be adding more game design stuff while I continue to learn Javascript and Unity.  ITERATIVE GAME DESIGN!

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