End of May Update





I did almost no Game Dev work this month.  Just some Javascript and Game Design blogs that I haven’t posted yet.  To be honest I have just been making the most of this good weather and my friends that I rarely see.  Also Gym.  I have been going 5 times a week, and I am trying to get a lot more fit.  Changed diet and everything.

Work 8am – 5pm, Gym 5-6pm.  By the time I get home and eat and shower and stuff its like 10 pm.  Then I watch Battlestar Galactica… which is realllllllllllllly good.  Also I have been catching up on Game of Thrones.  Also awesome.

I planned on having a working demo of the game I am designing by early June, but it seems a bit unlikely.  I would like to spend July/August working on Ogre.  So I have to find some time to work on Unity/Javascript/Maya this coming month.


By the end of this weekend I should have some posts that I have been writing in my free time at work up so, that should be interesting.


Pew pew…