Common to Extraordinary


Before we begin, I am going to try to build this game using a few of the 14 forms of fun as a bit of a template.

  • Beauty
  • Immersion
  • Intellectual Problem Solving
  • Competition
  • Social Interaction
  • Comedy
  • Thrill of Danger
  • Physical Activity
  • Love
  • Creation
  • Power
  • Discovery
  • Advancement and Completion
  • Application of an Ability

Among these the ones we will be focusing on

  • Immersion
  • Intellectual Problem Solving
  • Social Interaction
  • Thrill of Danger
  • Advancement and Completion

Pick a Profession

You play as a class.  A class of high school students.

Inciting Moment

While in the middle of a weekly school assembly word breaks out that a couple armed gunmen have entered the school.  Immediately everyone goes into shock and enters their school lock down procedure.

Each class is assigned to a teacher and they must stick with that teacher ad follow their orders.

The gunmen have set up patrols around the school and booby traps.  They also have set up short range EMP’s.  Your task is to try and find a way out to call for help.  The first one who makes it to an exit wins.

The Game

The game begins when you pick a teacher to follow.  Each teacher has their own strengths and weaknesses along with a special ability.

Once you pick a teacher you traverse through a board game in the shape of a floorplan of your school.

Board Example 1
Board Example 2

Players will start in the gymnasium and will try to traverse through the school on a per turn basis using cards like Munchkin.

The board will be broken up into segments and players will be able to pick and travel in any direction they want.  There will be different exits placed in equal intervals across the board.


Each teacher will have an attack, cunning and Intelligence skill level.  Attack determines how strong they are at taking out the gunmen, cunning their skill to deceive the gunmen and intelligence determines their ability to outsmart the gunmen.  Each skill is on a scale from 1 to 5.

Some teachers will be able to physically overpower the gunmen, others will try to sneak and entrap them and the intelligent ones will create items to take out the gunmen.

Some of the teachers the player can pick are:

  • The Cute Substitute Teacher
  • The Physics Teacher
  • The Chemistry Teacher
  • The English Teacher
  • The Home Economics Teacher
  • The Principal
  • The Gym Teacher
  • The Comp Sci Teacher
  • The Dance Teacher

Teacher Stats – A/C/I

Cute Substitute Teacher - 1/5/2

The substitute teacher’s special ability is to use her sex appeal once every 3 turns to get out of a battle.

The Physics Teacher - 2/2/4

The physics teacher’s special ability is to loose all his intelligence to gain maximum attack once every 3 turns.

The Chemistry Teacher - 1/2/5

The chemistry teacher can create special bombs to disorientate and distract enemies once every 3 turns.

4874142-teacher-behind-the-desk--vector-illustration.jpg (400×362)
The English Teacher - 1/3/3

The English teacher can confuse the enemy with words once every three turns

The Home Economics Teacher - 3/2/2

The Home Ec teacher has the ability to increase her attack to maximum by equipping her cutlery once every 3 turns.

The Principal - 4/3/2

The Principal has the ability to re-allocate his stats once every three turns.

The Gym Teacher - 5/2/1

The gym teacher has the power to move two places once every 3 turns

The Computer Science Teacher - 2/2/5

The computer science teacher can hack into the security system to set off the fire alarm to disorientate an attacker once every 3 turns.

The Dance Teacher - 3/4/1

The dance teacher can re-allocate her stats once every 3 turns.

Deck of Cards

There will be three decks of cards.

One is a loot deck with upgrades and items for the teachers to equip to increase their stats and buff themselves.  The player can only draw from this card when he lands on a space that indicates there is loot, a chance card lets him pick up from the deck or if they defeat a gunmen.

The other is a chance deck.  Every time a player moves into a spot on the board they must draw from this deck.  This deck contains everything from de-buffs, gunmen, movement cards and more.

The last deck is an exit deck.  Once the player reaches an exit on the board, they must fulfil a final challenge as stated on the card.  This can be anything from defeating a boss gunmen to completing a challenge.

Loot Deck

Some of the items in the loot deck will be: (all items temporarily increase a stat)

  • Reading glasses: Increase your Intelligence by 1
  • Fresh Apple: Increase your Attack by 1
  • Body Spray: Increase your Cunning by 1
  • Gym Socks: Throw these at a gunman to evade him and move on
  • Coordinated Assault: Work with your class to take down a level 3 and under gunmen

Chance Deck

Some of the chance deck items will be:

  • Gunman Level 1
  • Gunman Level 2
  • Gunman Level 3
  • Gunman Level 4
  • Routine Check: A group of gunmen arrive, you and your class run to the nearest class and wait 2 turns for them to leave
  • Scout Alert: You must send half your class to check ahead to move two spaces next turn.  Your stats are halved next turn.

Exit Deck

Some of the final challenges are:

  • Gunman Level 5
  • Booby Trap:  There is a bomb at this exit, it went off when you tried to open the door.  You loose one of each stat and must find a new exit.
  • Freedom: You lucked out, this exit is free.  Go call the cops!


When you draw any of the gunmen cards, the combat turns will go as follows

  1. Depending on their level you would need to have one skill high enough to beat that gunman
  2. If you cannot beat that gunman you must use an item
  3. If you have no items you may use an ability
  4. If your ability is on a cool down the gunman escorts you and your class to a classroom where you are grounded for 2 turns.  All your cards are confiscated.


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