The Labyrinth: Remixed


Our old game, The Labyrinth of Tanaii was first created as a race to the end game, then remixed to become a resource collection game and once more it will now be turned into a full tabletop RPG without using dice.

The original game was about several factions of variable races that are trying to recover an artefact from the Labyrinth.  Players start at 4 corners of a board and must move around the board to move up levels.

This is a variation of what the board looked like, except there were coloured spots for treasures, monsters and chance spaces as well as the ladders to move up a level and the artefact in the middle.  The idea was to roll a dice to move spaces and get to the centre while fighting monsters and other players.

Gameplay Changes

First we need to remove the dice so that all that is left are monsters and equipment cards as well as the chance cards.  Since the cards that are face down add a bit of randomness we can add a few mechanics to remove ALL the chance from the game.  We can remove the chance and item spaces and add more monster spaces as and add rewards for defeating the monsters.  Defeating the monsters will give the player money and he can buy equipment at the store.

Since the players will no be using a die to move, they will all pick races at the beginning of the game  and each race will have its own advantages and disadvantages.

  • Humans – Average, start with 3 attack, move up to 2 spaces per turn.  Access to almost every weapon and armour type and receive a 2x multiplier for cash rewards.
  • Orcs – STRONG! Start with 6 attack and gain a bonus when using heavy armour and weapons.  Can only move 1 space per turn.
  • Elves – FAST! Start with 2 attack and can move up to 4 spaces per turn.  Can only wear light armour and gain bonuses when using daggers and bows but get 4x cash reward multiplier
  • Dwarves – TOUGH! Start with 5 attack and can move up to 2 spaces per turn.  They can only wear dwarf armour and have a bonus attack for all weapons
The game can be played in a few ways
  • Race to the end – Each player must reach to the centre of the board to get to the artefact before anyone else
  • Survival – The game only lasts up to (XX) turns and the player with the most attack at the end wins
The new board will have 4 spaces
  1. Monster spaces – each level has its own monster with their own attack power.  They start at 5 attack for level 1 and gain 3 attack for every level you go up.  Defeating a monster will give the player a cash reward
  2. Treasure spaces – cash reward to buy items in the shop
  3. Magic Sphere – gives player magic points for spells to use in battle
  4. Ladders – let players move up spaces to the next level.  Must fight that levels monster.
The way battles work:
  • First player attack is calculated
  • Players can then play spells to buff  or de-buff characters or monsters
  • If the battle is a tie then the player moves back to his old position
  • If one player wins, they get kicked down one labyrinth level.  If they are on the bottom floor they get kicked back to their respawn point (corner of the board)
  • Player then gets a cash reward
Before the player moves to the next space they can enter the shop to spend magic and gold for items and spells.
The spell system will have battle and world spells.  World spells can only be used once a turn unless their effects say otherwise.  For example, a movement increase spell can only be used once every three turns.  Lastly battle spells can only be used in battle once.

Why This Will Work

By removing the dice and random equipment and chance cards every player knows what each persons attack, gold and magic are leaving no hidden information.  The dice and cards remove the chance of luck and magic spells can be used to give their previous effects.  For example, before there were chance cards that increased a players movement for a turn, now a spell would do that.

The game revolves around character development and player vs player conflict.  The development of your character is entirely up to you rather then rolling dice to move to spaces and picking up equipment by chance from  deck.

Thank you for reading

– Moose

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